No Downtime & Your Ideal Figure in No Time!

Have you been exercising, eating right, and working hard, but you’re still unhappy with your shape? At Sé Bello we know that looking your best can help you feel your best. You want to show off all your hard work, but you still have stubborn fat areas that just don’t seem to go away. Sé Bello offers TruSculpt body sculpting procedure to help you get rid of that stubborn fat and achieve results in just one session. TruSculpt is a safe, effective, and nonsurgical treatment for circumferential fat reduction and body sculpting.

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Treatment Areas

  • Double chin

  • Abdominal fat

  • Love handles

  • Back fat

  • Thigh fat

  • Arm fat

Common FAQs

It takes up to 12 weeks to show results, however some patients choose to schedule more treatments to treat additional areas.

Treatment time will depend on the area being treated, however most treatments only take 15-30 minutes. It takes up to 12 weeks to show results.

You will have no downtime after this noninvasive treatment and you’ll be able to get back to your daily activities immediately following the treatment. You may experience mild tenderness in the treatment area, but it will only last for a few days.

The TruSculpt body sculpting treatment takes a multidimensional approach to circumferential fat reduction. During the procedure, precise therapeutic temperatures are delivered to the existing fat cells in a unique way. TruSculpt utilizes innovative radio frequency technology to deliver heat to the entire fat layer while also maintaining a comfortable skin surface temperature. This allows the treatment to be effective, efficient, and comfortable for the patient.

Once the treatment is completed, your body will start breaking down and flushing out the remaining fat cells in the treated area which will begin the fat reduction process. The amount of time this takes varies with each patient, but most people see noticeable results 8-12 weeks following treatment.

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